The Hamletes of Bosco Chiesanuova: between architecture and nature

Bosco Chiesanuova
Piazza della Chiesa , IT 37021 Bosco Chiesanuova (VR)

The itinerary starts from Piazza Chiesa in Bosco Chiesanuova and takes in the main ancient 'Cimbrian' hamlets to the west of the town, exploring unique folk architecture.

Itinerary: Bosco Chiesanuova ColettaBiancariTanderBaito Der Masi AglioScoloLesi CroceBosco Chiesanuova

Starting from Piazza Chiesa, go downhill towards Via Cantarane. After about 100 metres, the road becomes an old mule track and climbs towards 'contrada' (= hamlet) of Coletta (1,113 m), where you can admire the Baito della Coletta, an ancient building where milk was once transformed into cheese. It was recently renovated and transformed into a museum (open in the summer). Next, take the small paved road that descends into Biancari, where a portico with six arches and overhanging haylofts is the standout feature of this ancient hamlet. Continue from the centre of the hamlet towards the west along the road marked as path no. 256. After about half an hour, you will reach Tander. Stay on the same path (at the first crossroads stay on the highest path, at the second crossroads keep to the right). Just outside the wood, you will find the old and isolated hamlet of Der. Continue north along the path and descend towards the beech wood. When you exit the wood, you arrive in the hamlet of Masi, with its pointed Gothic roofs. Behind the hamlet, the path continues to the east, passing the pond, and climbs along a small road that flanks the wood until it reaches Aglio (10 minutes away). Next, take a mule track that descends southwards behind the hut and you will reach the hamlet of Scolo. From here, continue on to Lesi, where ancient architectural elements are still in evidence. Leaving the hamlet and heading east, follow the European E5 path to Croce, where you descend to the right on a trail that leads back to Biancari, then Coletta and Bosco Chiesanuova.

Length: 8 km

Difficulty: easy

Time: approx. 2.5 hours

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