aparthotel - 3 star
Velo Veronese
Piazza Della Vittoria, 31, IT 37030 Velo Veronese
T. +390457835566
N° Rooms 7
N° Beds 22

Cooking and offering hospitality are ways of telling a story. Ours dates back to the time in which Velo Veronese was the ancient head township of the Tredici Comuni Veronesi, on the mountain called Lessinia. Our great-grandparents began what our grandparents and parents have passed down to us. We are the children of this history, of this land, and of these people and their traditions.

The door of our house opens onto the living room that is the main piazza of Velo, in the hearth of Lessinia. Inside, there is the warmth and intimacy of  winter; outside, the festive, lively atmosphere  of summer.


Private bathroom with shower
telephone in room with outside line
free wi-fi
bar service
play area for children
flat screen tv in room
outdoor parking
rooms available for rental residential courses
private meeting room
small animals allowed
bag lunch
credit card payment
smoking prohibited in room
Closed days: Monday-Tuesday. Open every day in the summer
Concierge service from 8:00 am to midnight