Sports Clubs and Nature Guides

There are many sports clubs that advertise and promote the Lessinia area, also by operating from the outside.

Thanks to their constant work of organising excursions and events, it is possible to practice sports all year round.

Professional Nature Guide

Adriano Festa

"My name is Adriano Festa and I am a professional Nature Guide. According to my specific background and expertise, since 2017 I focus on raising my private clients’ awareness of the natural and rural areas we visit. During my tours, my mission is to concentrate on the real connection between us and the environment in order to promote a new form of nature tourism that does not entail foregoing comfort, local cuisine, details, and entertainment.
While respecting state-of-the-art safety standards, I guide my clients along hiking, trekking and bike paths, through woodlands and mountains, while providing them with the authentic history of each place we visit.
In order to provide the best outdoor private tours of a whole day or more for families, companies, and groups, I can count on some partnerships with other local operators.
All the organization and logistical details are planned in order to give you a rich and secure experience with food and lodging options, supporting the local economies and also the best small local businesses.  Happy Owl Tracks itineraries and excursions are based on direct experience and knowledge of the territory and the people who live in it. As a long-term leader, I have a special eye on the safety, comfort, and learning needs of the customer. Happy Owl Tracks is totally committed to providing every customer, every time with exceptional customer service."

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