Members/How to join

There are now 140 project members, both private and public, distributed throughout the Lessinia region and along its borders.

The Visit Lessinia Project is becoming large and prominent, and we would like it to achieve the goal of including all the tourism operators in our mountains so that we can become a true Destination area and set our Strategic Plan in motion. This is the first time this has happened in Lessinia, as until now only small, short-term organisations have attempted to do anything similar.

Members' economic contribution is important in order to actively support the operational team that is responsible for keeping the IAT office open to the public, creating the website, keeping it updated, entering and updating the regional DMS portal with events, shows, accommodations and experiences to be had in Lessinia, participating in trade fairs, and supervising and organising training courses.
We are sure you will also want to be one of us now!

Find out how to join the Lessinia Destination Project, send an e-mail to