Lessinia: the Enchantment of the Mountains between Culture, Sport and Flavours

"Let yourself go, let yourself be guided by the seductive call of nature and come to Lessinia, come and discover wonderful views and then let your gaze wander among rolling hills and mountains.

And then, once you reach the top, enjoy the natural scenery that stands out on the horizon and walk on new and unusual paths, you will find that...

... Lessinia is a Tale of Light, clear and clean light of a summer morning, gentle and soft light of a winter sunset, full moon light to brighten the way in night walks and many small starry lights that dance lightly above us.

… Lessinia is a Land of Enchantment: the gaze stops amazed between gentle and sinuous paths on full hills and freezes bewitched and surprised among the magical beats of a beech forest.

… Lessinia is a Dream, a dream of beauty, of those with open eyes. In the ancient districts, in the most hidden places, life is enjoyed as in a fairy tale full of colours and magic, sometimes suspended in a world as that is ancient with work crafts of the past, sometimes modern, fast and passionate.

… Lessinia is a Highland, pervaded by Silences that are heard so loudly that you remain bewitched. A highland strewn with stone roofs in the old Cimbrian districts, outlined by ancient paths protected by stone slabs, supported by dry stone walls, erected in ancient times.

… Lessinia is Life and Discovery, a life marked by new works and ancient arts; discovery of slow tourism that blends with the simple daily rhythm of mountain life; life for those who love to breathe healthy air and listen to the pleasant heartbeat of the passing day; discovery of an accessible mountain, for families, for those who want to practice sports, for those who want to stop and admire and for those who want to restore their spirit.

But above all Lessinia is a beautiful and sinuous Woman, who welcomes and offers like a mother full of love. It welcomes the visitor attentive to its attractions and then offers them experiences and adventures.

Lessinia is a Nearby Magic, which you can touch with your hand, here and now."

Tthe Enchantment of the Mountains