Typical dishes and products

The most typical dish is the 'gnochi sbatùi', accompanied by dishes of polenta, cheese and mushrooms and other products from the malga such as butter and ricotta.

But that's not all!

In Lessinia you can taste many local products such as chestnuts, walnuts, truffles, strawberries, berries, cherries. And also honey, mountain saffron, aromatic herbs, potatoes, superfine meats such as that of the Friesian cow, the Brogna sheep and the Grisa hen.

All accompanied by local craft beers and Valpolicella wine, and finally a good dessert, a yogurt or an ice cream.

Find out where to taste these delicacies or where to buy them.


Typical dishes and products

The quintessential local dish

Gnocchi di Malga

Gnocchi di malga or 'gnocchi sbatui' are the traditional dish par excellence. The latter name derives from the process of whipping the paste to make it thicker.
Water, flour and salt: just a few simple ingredients for a delicious dish...but that's not all! In the eastern part of Lessinia, Ricotta Fioretta is added to the classic recipe...
What's the official version? We would need to ask the herdsmen of yesteryear, who spent the summer months in the mountains among the high pastures and used the ingredients available to them. This good-natured dispute between the region's inhabitants rages on!
Haven't tried the gnocchi yet? The 'flavour' of tradition will delight your taste buds!

Monte Veronese

Cheese-making in Lessinia began to develop significantly from the Second World War onwards with the emergence of artisan cheeseries operating as commercial businesses. In the 1970s, the idea of joining forces under a collective brand began to emerge, and in 1983 the Monte Veronese Consortium was born.
In particular, there are three types of Monte Veronese available: 'latte intero', 'd'allevo' and 'vecchio'. Each has different flavours and processing methods.
Above all, the main ingredient of these cheeses is the excellent milk produced by farms located within the borders of the mountain community, along with respect for tradition, passion, experience, and hygiene-controlled environments.
To find out more, visit the website www.monteveronese.it, then go and sample it in the numerous dairies around Lessinia or at the traditional Monte Veronese Festa del Formaggio (Cheese Festival) in Erbezzo, held on the last Sunday of May.

The chestnut of San Mauro

The Marrone of San Mauro (chestnut) differs from regular chestnuts in its larger shape, lighter colour and thin skin. It is grown at 400–700 metres altitude between the municipalities of Roverè Veronese, Selva di Progno, San Mauro di Saline, Badia Calavena and Tregnago.
Still harvested today using traditional methods, it is eaten roasted or used in the preparation of starters, main meals and desserts.
The perfect opportunity to sample it is at the Festa dei Marroni in San Rocco di Piegara on the penultimate Sunday of October, or the Festa dei Marroni in San Mauro di Saline the following Sunday.