Video Gallery

A collection of some of the most beautiful videos of Lessinia.. All for you!

Welcome to the Lessinia Natural Park

Here is an interesting video made by the Park Authority with some simple but fundamental rules to respect that will help you to enjoy the Lessinia area to the fullest.

Another journey through the beauties of Lessinia.

Here is the part of the video of all the Pro Loco consortia in Verona made by unpli VR, where Lessinia is featured.
Special thanks to the Consorzio Pro Loco della Lessinia and to all the Pro Loco (= Association) that keep our area alive.

Enjoy watching!


Lessinia – Campofontana

An exciting video on Campofontana, in west Lessinia, shot with a drone by Videomaker Stefano Mambelli.

Enjoy the film!

Erbezzo, a country to discover!

Erbezzo is a small and welcoming village in the heart of the Lessinia Veronese Regional Natural Park, with breathtaking landscapes, trails suitable for everyone, rich in history and architecture, fabulous gastronomy and much more! In conclusion, a country to be discovered!

Lessinia is ready! How about you? Visit Lessinia and Assobosco ready to open up again

Love for the area and resilience.

We're starting back up again in Lessinia, stronger than before!

The Bosco Chiesanuova traders' association Assobosco, in collaboration with Visit Lessinia, has produced a fantastic video!