Trekking and Trails

Paths through woods and districts, cart tracks and dirt paths, Lessinia is dotted with paths to be discovered on foot, on horseback or with an e-bike.

Here are some guided itineraries in the wonders of the highland between rolling hills, deep vaj and high meadows.

Trekking and Trails


Circular routes with departure and arrival in the village square, discovering ancient districts and paths immersed in untouched nature, in the woods and pastures around Giazza.


Itinerary: Piazza/Museo dei Cimbri - Via Rozza - bivio strada provinciale SP10 - sentiero CAI n. 251 - “La Carbonara” - località Telderi - Malga Selle - località Sellette - bivio strada forestale GauliCampofontana - Contrada Gauli - Contrada Faggioni - bivio strada provinciale SP10 - Via Rozza - Piazza/Museo dei Cimbri.

Length: 4,9 km

Travel time: 120 min

Difference in altitude: 240 m 

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Itinerary: Piazza/Museo dei Cimbri - Via di Sopra - Belvedere - strada comunale per Revolto - bivio Contrada Ercoli - Vecchia “Calcara” - parcheggio Boscangrove - guado torrente Revolto - Località Zicoli - Contrada Bosco - Contrada Osti - Via Zagaroa - Antica Casa Cimbra - Piazza/Museo dei Cimbri.

Length: 3,8 km

Difficulty: easy

Travel time: 90 min

Difference in altitude: 100 m 

Download the .gpx track

Download the complete description of the route.