Among the hamlets of Erbezzo - Orange path

Piazza dei Combattenti, IT 37020 Erbezzo (VR)

Discovering the ancient hamlets of Erbezzo with their stone and traditions.

Itinerary: Erbezzo, Campagna, Giodi, Ragazzini, Staffor, San Pietro, Manarini, Erbezzo.

Orange path: Erbezzo – Campagna – Giodi – Ragazzini – Staffor – Church of San Pietro – Manarini – Erbezzo.

After crossing the square in Erbezzo, turn towards the new row of houses built in Campagna. Cross the bypass and take the path that descends towards the hamlet of Giodi. The path first winds through meadows and then enters a mixed forest of beech and hop-hornbeam. Here you can see the nineteenth-century headstone that commemorates the tragic death of Vincenzo Mainenti. The route, marked by a dry stone wall, then reaches Giodi, a picturesque village located at the opening to a small valley. Continuing towards Ragazzini, you pass through a small copse, the site of an alleged Marian apparition to three children in 1871. Once in Ragazzini, continue along the road up to a hairpin bend, where the path descends towards Staffor on the left. This village, whose name originates from the Cimbrian language, boasts several stone buildings with remarkable workmanship and a curious stele dating from 1797. Continuing along the road, you come to the small church of San Pietro, with a beautiful portico and a seventeenth-century stele on one side. By the side of the oratory, the path climbs towards Manarini. Upon reaching a distinctive octagonal aedicule, it begins to climb again in the direction of Erbezzo.

Distance: 4.6 km

Walk time: 2h

Climb: 260 m

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