Among the hamlets of Erbezzo - Purple path

Piazza dei Combattenti, IT 37020 Erbezzo (VR)

A straightforward stroll through hamlets, woods and meadows in Erbezzo.

Itinerary: Erbezzo – Melotti – Teldari – Scalchi – Rucchio – Resti – Erbezzo.

Itinerary: Erbezzo – Melotti – Teldari – Scalchi – Rucchio – Resti – Erbezzo.

Starting from the courtyard in front of the sports hall in Erbezzo, cross through the centre of the town to the square with the pharmacy; turn right, following the signs for Contrada Melotti, a small settlement that is now part of the town and still features some distinctive stone stalls. Once you reach the hamlet, you will see the white/purple signs that mark the next stage of the route towards the village of Teldari (an ancient place name of Cimbrian origin). The hamlet is made up of three settlements located at the point where several short valleys converge. The route now enters a beautiful mixed beech wood. Exiting the wood, you will find yourself among the meadows and pastures of Scalchi. Recent building renovation works have restored the splendour of this characteristic hamlet, which offers wonderful views of the middle and lower sections of the Vajo dell'Anguilla. Next, head along the access road, passing through Rucchio and Resti. The latter has a distinctive frescoed capital built by the residents as a token of thanks for having overcome a cholera epidemic that struck in 1837. To end the walk, head up the paved road that climbs from Resti back to the sports hall.

Distance: 1.9 km

Walk time: 1h15

Climb: 80 m

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