Bosco Chiesanuova - Green Route among the contrade of Corbiolo

Bosco Chiesanuova
IT 37021 Bosco Chiesanuova

Itinerary through the contrade of Corbiolo, a small hamlet of the municipality of Bosco Chiesanuova.

Itinerary: Corbiolo - Contrada Grobbe - Contrada Regno - Contrada Albare* - Località Costa - Corbiolo
*Variant: back to Corbiolo

Departure from Corbiolo centre. Take via San Vitale and via delle More, at the end of which keep left and go under the bridge. Enter the Grobbe contrada, continue for 200 metres, keep right taking the path to the Regno contrada. Once in Regno, continue for about 100 meters and turn right going up towards the photovoltaic power station. Keep going to the Albare contrada. Cross the main road and keep right. From here it is possible to return to Corbiolo centre, along via del Furlan, or, keeping to the left, keep going until you reach Costa. Return to Corbiolo.

Journey Time: approximately 1 hour

Length: 4.5 km

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