Castle of Tregnago

Via Castello, IT 37039 Tregnago (Vr)
T. +39 045 7808035
The Castle of Tregnago has towered above and silently watched over the whole town since the Middle Ages.
Open today --> 06:00 - 20:00
Castles always conceal fascinating mysteries. Built on the promontory known as Limba, to the east of the town, the Castle of Tregnago dates back to the 11th–12th century. Designed for defensive purposes, it could accommodate people and flocks of animals inside. In 1328, Cangrande della Scala gifted it to the Municipality of Tregnago, which still owns it today. The only standing remains of the castle are a few remnants of the perimeter walls, the pentagonal tower (now ruined) and the clock tower. The latter features a 15th-century fresco by an unknown artist, which was recently restored. We recommend visiting during the Medievalia event, when the castle comes to life and hosts figures in period costume and the Palio (a contest between local residents).

01/10/2023 - 30/09/2024
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