Church of San Benedetto and Tommaso

Bosco Chiesanuova
Piazza della Chiesa , IT 37021 Bosco Chiesanuova (VR)

Built before 1375 and originally dedicated to Saint Thomas and then to Saint Benedict, the parish church of Bosco Chiesanuova used to be called 'new' by the locals by way of contrast with the 'old church' of San Nicola in Roverè, which they had been subject to since the preceding century. The modern-day church is the result of numerous changes over the centuries, in part due to the doubling of the town's population, but also due to the increasing popularity of holidaying.

The key figure in the story was undoubtedly Don Emilio Zorzi, the parish priest from 1886 onwards, who immediately set out promoting projects, initiatives and works for the construction of the new church. Nowadays, the building has a tiered façade facing east in order to be seen even from afar; the interior highlights the skilful use of local stone, such as 'rosso ammonitico', white marble and red Verona marble, while for the flooring, for example, pinkish-white stone slabs were used.

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