Church of San Nicolò

Roverè Veronese
Piazza Vittorio Emanuele 4, IT 37028 Roverè Veronese (VR)
T. +39 045 783 5516
The ancient Church of San Nicolò, erected as a parish church in 1375, is an important symbol of religious worship in Lessinia.
The Church of San Nicolò, overlooking the square of Roverè Veronese, is very old. In existence since at least 804, and erected as a parish church before 1375, it was subsequently enlarged between 1733 and 1763. A long staircase leads to the east-facing Renaissance façade; inside, the central nave with Ionic pilasters leads directly to the richly decorated apse and presbytery. The single nave is surrounded by six side altars on the right and two on the left, with a total of 14 chapels. The interior makes heavy use of multicoloured marble, including in the flooring. On the outside of the church, to the right of the bell tower, there is an inscription from 1690 that commemorates a bequest, while on the wall of the parish hall there is a plaque from 1637 and the coat of arms of Don Domenico Vilio, who erected the parish building at his own expense.

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The church is located in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele in Roverè Veronese, where you can also park your car. Entrance is free.
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