Church of San Vitale in Arco

Roverè Veronese
Piazza San Vitale, fraz. San Vitale, IT 37028 Roverè Veronese (VR)
T. +39 045 7835516
Built in 1372, the Church of San Vitale began life as a chapel subject to the Parish of Roverè Veronese.
San Vitale in Arco is one of the hamlets in the municipality of Roverè Veronese. The church completes its small square, which also features a bar and a large car park. The Church of San Vitale was built by Cimbri settlers (of Bavarian origin) in 1372 and consecrated in the same year. Originally a chapel subject to the Parish of Roverè, it was renovated during the 17th century and rebuilt at the end of the 20th century. Its erection as an autonomous parish church dates back to 1942. The modern-day church has a gabled façade, while the interior consists of a single nave with a Baroque altar rich in local marble. The apse features a 16th-century altarpiece depicting the Virgin, Saint Vitalis, Saint Roch and Saint Dominic, while other paintings adorn the side altars. San Vitale also has some interesting terraced buildings with sundials and modern mosaics. Also worth seeing is a Roman headstone resting against the wall of a house behind the church square, which is dedicated to a consul and was part of the ancient fortress.

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