Churh of Transfiguration on Monte Purga

The Church of the Transfiguration on Monte Purga stands atop the mountain of the same name, seemingly protecting the small town of Velo Veronese from up on high.

The Church of the Transfiguration on Monte Purga stands at 1,257 m above sea level, offering panoramic views over the surrounding valleys and the Po Plain. It was built in 1854 on a site previously occupied by a small fortress or watchtower from the Roman era. In fact, numerous vases, bones, flints and more have been found at the site. Externally, it has a gabled façade featuring a large ogival window above the entrance doorway. The main construction materials used for this small but elegant church are Lessinia limestone and red Verona marble. Visitors can only enter the church in summer, and in particular on the first Sunday of August, when Mass is held inside.

How to get there: the church is easy to reach from the centre of the town of Velo Veronese. Head towards the cemetery, where you can park your car, and continue on foot along the path that climbs Monte Purga.

Entrance to the church is only possible in summer or during certain special celebrations.
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