Croce del Gal

Velo Veronese
Località Azzarino, IT 37030 Velo Veronese
Strolling among the hamlets of Azzarino in Velo Veronese, you come across one of many stone crosses: the Croce del Gal.
A sturdy construction of considerable size, the 'Crose del Gal' is carved with the initials of the person who commissioned it (CC) and the year of construction (1864) and was probably intended to replace a cross previously erected to ward off the evil influence of mysterious creatures such as witches and 'anguane' (water nymphs). It was believed that where three roads met (as they do here), at the stroke of midnight, evil creatures would wreak havoc on the unfortunate souls passing through. To find out how to get there, check out the route that explores the treasures of Azzarino.

folklore | votive column, inscription
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