Erbezzo - Red itinerary - The Madonnina Beech and the Valbusi Lime

Piazza dei Combattenti, IT 37020 Erbezzo (VR)

Follow the red itinerary to discover the Valbusi Lime and the Madonnina Beech in Erbezzo.

Itinerary: Erbezzo - Valbusi - Bernardi - Sale - Faggio della Madonnina - Strozzi - Menegazzi - Bernardi - Erbezzo


Erbezzo – Valbusi – Bernardi – Menegazzi – Strozzi – Maso – Sale – Bernardi – Valbusi – Erbezzo.

Visitors can admire the monumental trees of Erbezzo with the red itinerary, including the Valbusi Lime and the Madonnina Beech in the village of Maso. The subject of popular traditions, tales and legends linked to the life and culture of these communities, these trees have always been landmarks for the local people, acting as a source of shelter or a border between properties.

Starting from Erbezzo, follow the signs for Contrada Valbusi, where you will find the oldest lime tree in the Verona region. The plant has a large cavity in its trunk due to internal decay, which has caused almost all the wood to degenerate; the amount of foliage has also dwindled due to the tree's lack of hardiness. Continue through Bernardi, Menegazzi and Strozzi to Malga Maso. Here you can find the Madonnina Beech, a monumental tree that is among the 92 listed by the Veneto Region. It is connected to the story of two shepherds who, caught in a sudden storm, commended themselves to the Virgin Mary and found shelter under its branches. Next, continue on to Sale and Bernardi before returning to Valbusi and finally to Erbezzo.

Walk time: 3h30

Length: approx. 6 km

Climb: 220 m

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