From Grietz to the higher hamlets

Bosco Chiesanuova
Contrada Grietz Bosco Chiesanuova , IT 37021 Bosco Chiesanuova (VR)

The route begins in Grietz, 4 km from Bosco Chiesanuova, and runs through woods, meadows, and hamlets whose origins lie in medieval times.

Itinerary: Contrada Grietz Malga Dossetti Contrada Tinazzo Contrada Zamberlini Contrada Scalon Contrada Sauro Contrada Grietz

The itinerary starts from the 'contrada' (hamlet) of Grietz, about 4 km from Bosco Chiesanuova, heading in the direction of Malga San Giorgio. Here, it is worth taking a look at the 'giassàra', built in around 1870 with a pond next to it for the production of ice. Take the dirt road to the west, beyond the main road (CAI path no. 255); after a couple of hairpin turns in a thick beech forest, continue straight towards a capital. Keep right, passing a bar that acts as a gate, and continue until you see an abandoned hut on the left (this is Malga Dossetti, with its adjoining 'casara' – an old building where milk was processed). From Malga Dossetti, the road descends slightly until it reaches the junction with CAI path no. 256; keep left, and after a few metres join the European E5 path which leads to Contrada Tinazzo. (*if the grass is too high, continue on the road, keep left again at the next fork, and take a small path heading downhill). From Tinazzo, continue straight on the E5 path as far as Contrada Zamberlini. Continue on the mule track until you come to a fountain with a roof made of marble slabs; continue on the road to the left heading south, passing by another capital. Keep going straight and follow the signs for the E5 path until you reach a crossroads. Here, you turn right and the path climbs through the woods. Keep heading along the main path until you come out in front of the church of San Rocco. A little further on, you will reach the hamlet of Scalon. Now go south, leave the E5 path at the crossroads and turn east, heading uphill to Sauro. Continuing along a short paved stretch, go up until you cross path no. 255, turn right and return to Grietz.

Length: 8 km

Difficulty: easy

Time: approx. 2 hours

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