Parish Church of San Moro

San Mauro di Saline
Monte San Moro , IT 37030 San Mauro Di Saline (VR)
The parish church of San Moro is an oasis of peace and prayer amongst the natural beauty of Lessinia.

The parish church of San Moro is an important sanctuary located in the municipality of San Mauro di Saline. Its history is fascinating: it was built by Cimbri settlers from around 1300 onwards on the foundations of a pre-existing church destroyed by a fire. It then became a destination for pilgrims, mainly from the Verona and Vicenza areas. The hermitage is dedicated to Saint Leonard. The exterior features a gabled façade in a Romanesque style, with a portico protecting the entrance doorway. Another eye-catching feature is the fresco above, from the school of Altichiero, which depicts the 'Virgin of Mercy with Child' under a canopy. Other devotees are depicted around the fresco, including Saint Leonard. This painting is probably the oldest in the whole complex. Both the exterior and the interior are worth a look, with altars and apses to admire; the main materials used here are wood and stone.

How to get there: after passing through the centre of San Mauro di Saline heading north, you can park in a small lay-by and continue on foot. Alternatively, if you are coming from the north, keep left on Via Monte Moro, find the nearest available parking spot, then continue on foot. The latter route is slightly flatter and more straightforward. Both walks, which last around 15/20 minutes, are very pleasant.

Fun fact: on Good Friday, a very picturesque Way of the Cross is organised along the route to the sanctuary. The inside of the parish church can only be visited on certain special occasions, e.g. for some celebrations or during the Festival of San Moro.

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