Parish Church of San Osvaldo

Cerro Veronese
Piazza Don Angelo Vinco, IT 37020 Cerro Veronese (VR)
Built in the 14th century and dedicated to Saint Oswald, this church in Cerro Veronese has undergone major restoration and is an important symbol of Cimbrian religious worship.

The piety of the Cimbri settlers is clear to see in Lessinia given the number of churches, including the one in Cerro, built during the fourteenth century and dedicated to Saint Oswald, King of Northumbria, who was at one time particularly venerated in England and Germany. Over the centuries the church has often been restored, rebuilt and expanded, with the most recent and substantial work taking place from 1830 to 1832. On that occasion, the length of the building was extended and the façade was rebuilt in its current form. The building has a gabled façade in a Neoclassical style at the western end. Some of the features of the church include the coffered decorations in the barrel vaults, the side lunettes, vaulted structures, and the tempera decorations by the painter Pietro Negrini, while the main materials are slabs of Lessinia stone, red Verona marble and 'biancone', a local white rock. The church is located in the main square of the municipality of Cerro Veronese.

For Mass times in Lessinia, see this link:

For Mass times in Lessinia, see this link:
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