Parish Church of Santa Maria Assunta

Via dei Bandi, IT 37039 Tregnago (Vr)
The Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Tregnago, built on the ancient parish church, features significant architectural components in stone.
The Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Tregnago was built on the previous parish church, which was seriously damaged when the bell tower collapsed in 1878. Later enlarged, the current church was inaugurated in 1922. The Romanesque style can be seen from the external façade. The interior has three naves with a vaulted ceiling supported by pillars that alternate with columns. The vaults are entirely decorated with figures of patriarchs, prophets, evangelists, and Doctors of the Church. The only remnants of the old parish church are the suspended porch (now situated on the façade of the Church 'della Disciplina') and the octagonal baptistery in red marble, commissioned in 1438 by the archpriest Jacopo Rubeo.

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