Riparo Tagliente

IT 37023 Grezzana
The Riparo Tagliente (Tagliente Shelter) is one of Europe's fundamental prehistoric sites, a witness to the fact that Lessinia has been inhabited since ancient times.

The earliest evidence of a prehistoric human presence in the Grezzana area dates back to the Middle Palaeolithic (from 100,000–80,000 to 35,000 years ago), corresponding to the Würm glaciation. Several artefacts found in the Riparo Tagliente shelter, one of Europe's fundamental prehistoric sites, testify to human activity there. These are traces of Homo erectus in the form of stone tools used to dig the ground in search of roots and tubers, or to cut the skin of animals: points, scrapers and flint shards. The humans who frequented the Riparo Tagliente during the Middle Palaeolithic mainly hunted herbivores, but they did not turn down the opportunity to also kill large animals such as mammoths; fragments of mammoths' teeth have been found there. 

The site can be visited under the supervision of archaeologists from the University of Ferrara, who visit periodically to take care of its upkeep.

The site can only be visited during the excavation campaign carried out by the University of Ferrara (usually late September, early October).
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