San Babila Calzature

Bosco Chiesanuova
Via Roma 10, IT 37021 Bosco Chiesanuova (VR)
T. +39 045 6780331
M. +39 320 8778845

Arriving in the center of Bosco Chiesanuova, you must stop in the shoe shop San Babila.

This activity has it's roots in the sixties, when the Valbusa's spouses opened a shoe and lether shop, in order to provide service to the fellows and the noumerous tourists that come to the Lessinia's Mountains.

Today the shop is managed by the son-in-law Gabriele Vinco, skilled shoemaker, who repairs any type of shoe and lether good.

San Babila Calzature can also be found in the center of Verona, in a workshop in Via Adigetto 9B: the services offered are repairs and regeneration of footwear, purses and lether goods in general. Gabriele realizes handmade bags and belts and costum-made shoes.

San Babila Calzature is also part of the net of Lessinia's InfoPoint. Ask for maps, informations or tips to discover this magical place.

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