San Rocco di Piegara and its Parish Church

Roverè Veronese
Piazza San Rocco, San Rocco di Roverè Veronese, IT 37028 Roverè Veronese (VR)
In the square of the small village of San Rocco di Piegara stands a magnificent church built in the early 17th century.

Heading north from Verona, where the landscape of Lessinia opens up in all its vastness and beauty, you will find the first and largest village in the municipality of Roverè Veronese: San Rocco di Piegara. The square has all the necessary amenities, including bars, restaurants, grocery stores, the library, and a large car park. Watching over it all is the parish church.

The church of San Rocco was built in the early 17th century, financed by the Counts Azzini. Destroyed by a fire in the late 18th century, it was rebuilt in its current form during the 19th century. The marble cladding on the façade dates from 1911. Its erection as a parish church dates back to 1744. Inside, the chapels and side lunettes are worth a look, while in the apse we find a fresco by the painter G. Resi. Elsewhere, note the heavy use of 'rosso ammonitico' stone. The bell tower is from 1888, with a spire from 1952.

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