Sant'Anna d'Alfaedo - Itinerary around Monte Tesoro

Sant'Anna d'Alfaedo
Corrubbio di Sant'Anna D'Alfaedo, IT 37020 Sant'Anna d'Alfaedo
T. (0039) 045 247 7050
Easy loop around Monte Tesoro in Sant'Anna d'Alfaedo.

Easy circular cycle/pedestrian route around Monte Tesoro, in the southern part of the municipality of Sant'Anna d'Alfaedo.  The itinerary, which starts in the hamlet of Corrubio, continues via a rural road bordered by ancient stone slabs to the historic hamlet of Vaggimal. As you pass through this small, quiet village, you can appreciate the extraordinary architecture in the typical stone of the Lessinia region, with huts, fountains, houses and small shelters that blend perfectly into the landscape. Descend towards Giardino, cross the Vajo del Mortal and then ascend and pass through the hamlet of Crestena along the local road (Dorigo). Continue on through a beautiful chestnut wood and head downhill to the Ponte di Veja, a natural karst bridge that is very important and well-known, both in the local region and throughout Italy. From the Ponte di Veja, go on towards the hamlet of Giare along Via Garibaldi G. and Via Casel, continuing up to Croce dello Schioppo. There, as you head uphill on the SP12 road, you pass the Lessinia stone processing hub of Croce dello Schioppo and end up back in Corrubio, where you started your walk. This is a medium-difficulty route suitable for pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders.

Time: 2 hours

Length: approx. 7 km

Climb: approx. 200 metres

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