Spluga della Preta and Grotta del Ciabattino

Sant'Anna d'Alfaedo
IT 37020 Sant'Anna d'Alfaedo (VR)
The Spluga della Preta and the Grotta del Ciabattino: where to find the magic of the abyss in Lessinia.

In the westernmost part of Lessinia, on the border between the provinces of Verona and Trento, lies one of the most famous karst cavities in the world, dug into the Corno d'Aquilio: the Spluga della Preta ('spluga' means 'cavity', while Preta is the name of the area). With 877 metres explored so far, it is one of the deepest caves in Italy and holds a fundamental place in the history of speleological discoveries and exploration. From the outside, you can only see the large opening. Access to the inside of the cave, which features a series of wells and rooms with vertical heights of up to a few hundred metres, is only permitted for expert speleologists with prior authorisation. A 2005 film titled L'Abisso (The Abyss) describes its structure and retraces the history of its exploration, but the Spluga hides a series of tunnels that are yet to be explored, giving this magical place in Lessinia an enduring air of mystery. For those who love caving, a short distance from the Spluga lies the Grotta del Ciabattino, a spellbinding cave known for its splendid ice formations, which are usually present until late spring.

The cave has no facilities, but it can still be visited using suitable equipment. And don't forget the splendid Grotta del Monte Capriolo, just a few kilometres away in the municipality of Roverè Veronese. Entrance to the Spluga della Preta is only permitted for expert speleologists with prior authorisation, while the Grotta del Ciabattino can be visited using suitable equipment.
For information, contact the Municipality of Sant'Anna d'Alfaedo.
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