The Covoli of Velo Veronese

Velo Veronese
IT 37030 Velo Veronese
A complex of underground passages called the 'Covoli di Velo', where grottoes and tunnels once formed the perfect habitat for cave bears.

The Covoli di Velo are a complex of tunnels that extend horizontally for over 500 metres, including the Lower and Upper Grottoes, carved into the grey limestone by karstic phenomena. The caves were once inhabited by cave bears, but few traces remain today due to illegal excavations. In the tunnels, you can see concretions typical of underground environments and some characteristic cave-dwelling life forms. However, the passages are not easily accessible, so only expert speleologists are permitted to visit the inside of the caves.

How to get there: starting from Velo Veronese and heading in the direction of Badia Calavena, follow the signs for Tezze and Toldi. When you reach a bend, take the road on the right, continuing for about 100 metres. At this point, you will see the signs for a path on the left slope that passes the Covoli di Velo. Leave your car in the car park on the opposite side and walk down to the cave about 200 metres away. You can only go a few metres into the cave.

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