The Covolo of Camposilvano

Velo Veronese
Via Covolo 1, Loc. Camposilvano, IT 37030 Velo Veronese (VR)
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In the heart of Lessinia, a stone's throw from the Camposilvano Museum of Geopalaeontology, lies the amphitheatre of the Covolo, a truly stunning karst cave completely surrounded by vegetation. At over 80 metres deep, the cave is a real plunge into the past.

A stone's throw from the Camposilvano Museum of Geopalaeontology and accessible thanks to a stepped path around 500 metres long which starts right from the museum, we find the amphitheatre of the Covolo. This is a truly stunning karst cave completely surrounded by vegetation and over 80 metres deep. The cavity was once a huge underground cavern made up of a rock formation in 'rosso ammonitico' stone; the upper vault of the cavern has collapsed. Descending towards the centre of the amphitheatre, visitors reach a wonderful panoramic balcony where they can admire the deep entrance to the cave. The Covolo has been used as a shelter since ancient times, at least 50/70 thousand years ago, and was also frequented in Roman times (used as a natural place to store food), in the Middle Ages, and even in more recent times. Inside, in addition to ammonite fossils, traces of the presence of prehistoric humans have been found; these are on display in the museum in the section dedicated to prehistory. The Covolo is thought by many historians to be the place where Dante may have taken the inspiration for the description of the circles of hell and the frozen lake of Cocytus in the Divine Comedy. Folk traditions, meanwhile, describe it as the home of fantastical beings such as ogres and creatures known locally as 'fade' (spiteful human-like beings).

The Covolo can be visited through the Camposilvano Museum.

Visitors must wear a mask and gloves to enter the museum.

Full price: €4.00

Concessions: €3.00 (for groups of at least 10, children aged 6 to 15 and people over 70)

People with disabilities: free

The price includes admission to the Museum of Geopalaeontology and the Covolo (cave) and applies to self-guided tours. Groups, including school groups, can book guided tours during the week and during periods when the museum is closed (with advance notice). The price depends on the number of people, the itinerary, etc.

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