The Giassàra of Cerro Veronese

Cerro Veronese
Via Ghiacciaia , IT 37020 Cerro Veronese (VR)
The Giassàra (ice house) bears witness to ancient and arduous work typical of the Lessinia region.

In Lessinia, if you look carefully, you are likely to notice some original circular constructions poking around a metre out of the ground: these are the Giassàre or ice houses, which bear witness to ancient and arduous work typical of the region. For centuries, the ice collected from nearby ponds during the winter was stored in the cold, dark surroundings of these vast wells, thus transforming the water used for livestock into a livelihood in its own right. One of these wells, the so-called Giassàra dei Carcerèri, is located in Cerro Veronese. It is a pleasant surprise to see the oval pond, the sloping portico and the walls of the ice house, restored in accordance with their original form so as to offer visitors not just a museum exhibit, but a building where they can understand the work of the 'giassàroi' who once stored the ice there and sold it in Verona during the summer months. Nearby you can also find the Giassàra and the Baito (dairy) del Modesto, in Roverè Veronese, and the Giassàra del Grietz, in the municipality of Bosco Chiesanuova.


The Museum of Work is located in a small but very picturesque green valley near the hamlet of Carcereri in Cerro Veronese, a stone's throw from the junction where the Strada Provinciale dei Lessini meets the road leading to Roverè and Velo Veronese.

To visit the Giassàra, contact Ms Alba Prati on +39 338 8311233. During summer, there are some organised tours of the Giassàra.

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