The ridge between Valpantena and Val Squaranto ...By bike

Itinerary: Grezzana – Forni – Gualiva – La Croce - Menegalli – Casale di Sotto – Casale di Sotto – La Tenda - Cerzuni – Azzago – Busoni – Rosaro - Praole – Stallavena – Grezzana

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The roads along the ridge between Valpantena and Val Squaranto are the scene of this suggestive and panoramic cycling route that follows part of the C1 and D1 itineraries of the FEET project of the municipality of Grezzana.

Starting from the centre of the main town, go up towards Romagnano to the intersection for Forni, turning right uphill towards the town and then going up into the municipal area of Verona to the ridge in the Gualiva contrada; once on the ridge, follow it northwards returning to Grezzana and, at the crossroads of La Croce, begin the long but not particularly demanding ascent towards the contrade of Menegalli, Casale di Sotto and di Sopra, on the eastern side of Monte Santa Viola.

The route continues circumnavigating the rounded peak to the north up to La Tenda, where it will go downhill towards the south, crossing Azzago. Head towards Busoni and Rosaro on a dirt track that is challenging in some parts due to the rough ground.

Once you have arrived at the hamlet of Busoni continue towards Rosaro and entering the municipal territory of Cerro, go down to Praole and down to Pernisa di Lugo.

Once you reach the provincial road, you will return south towards Stallavena and then to the starting point of Grezzana.

Length: 30 km

Vertical development: 850 m

Difficulty: itinerary that is mainly on a paved road, except for some short sections between Menegalli and La Tenda and between Azzago and Busoni.

Recommended period of the year: all year round

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