The Valley of the Sphinxes

Velo Veronese
Loc. Camposilvano, IT 37030 Velo Veronese
The Valle delle Sfingi (Valley of the Sphinxes) is a small valley home to limestone monoliths shaped by the passing of time, which resemble the sphinxes of Egypt. An enchanted and one-of-a-kind place.

The 'Vajo del Bruto' or Valle delle Buse di Sopra, known more simply as the Valle delle Sfingi, is located in the district of Brutto or Malga Buse di Sotto in Camposilvano, in the municipality of Velo Veronese, Lessinia.

This distinctive valley is about 800 metres long, with large monoliths spaced at regular intervals, reminiscent of the Egyptian sphinxes from which the valley takes its name. These particular rocks are the result of the karst erosion of two different Italian rock formations: 'rosso ammonitico' and 'oolite di San Vigilio'. The Valley of the Sphinxes is a magical place rich in stories and legends, such as the one linked to the distinctive mushroom-shaped rock also known as 'el sengio de l'orco'. According to tradition, this mushroom was brought here by an ogre to allow the 'fade' (magical creatures) to tie a rope there to hang out their laundry.

Or like the 'Fò della Pace', a large tree isolated from the others. Its name, a reference to peace, stems from the fact that disputes were resolved and contracts struck up in its shade.

How to get there: the starting point for an excursion to explore the Valley of the Sphinxes is Camposilvano. As you pass through the small town, from Velo Veronese heading towards Malga San Giorgio, turn right at the well-known 'Fungo di Camposilvano' (the Mushroom of Camposilvano), leaving the main road for a dirt road that opens up on the right, where you can park your car and set off on your walk. Passing through the hamlet of Brutto, which consists of an old stall/hayloft and a modern building, you enter the valley. Come and discover this unique place and let its magic and beauty take you on a journey.

The valley is open to all and free to visit.
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