Trail number 2 - Cerro Veronese

Cerro Veronese
Piazza della Chiesa , IT 37020 Cerro Veronese (VR)

Among the hamlets of Cerro Veronese.

The Chestnut Trail or Trail of the Giassàre.

Starting from the church square, take Via Dosso Bertin and a stretch of Via Capel del Prete. When you reach a barn, keep left; continuing on, you will come to a pond and then the junction with Trail no. 1. This trail is known as the Chestnut Trail due to the number of these ancient trees along the route, but the locals call it the Trail of the Giassàre (ice houses), as it takes in many of these structures, where ice was produced and stored to be sold during summer.

Walk time: 20m"