Trail number 5 - Cerro Veronese

Cerro Veronese
Piazza della Chiesa , IT 37020 Cerro Veronese (VR)
Hamlets and traditions waiting to be discovered.

Starting from the church square, take Via Berto Barbarani and follow it until you come to the main road. Cross over, take Via Belvedere and then take Via Valpantena, following the signs for the sports pitches. Walk along the edge of these to reach Dossi Lonico and take a dirt road that leads to the hamlet of Lonico, in the centre of which you will find a fountain with a recently restored wash house. Follow the signs downhill into the Vajo del Prete, then follow the edge of the wood, emerging on a hillside with a view of the hamlet of Carbonara below – its name refers to the 'carbonare' (fires) once used to produce charcoal. Once you have left the hamlet, keep left, heading towards Maso to connect with Trail no. 1, which will take you back to Cerro.

Difficulty: easy

Time: 35m

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