Trail numbero 1 - Cerro Veronese

Cerro Veronese
Cerro Veronese ,
A loop through the hamlets of Cerro Veronese, exploring ancient capitals, crosses, fountains, caves, and much more.

Go through the whole hamlet until you come to the sign for Lavello – Foldruna. Head onto the slope towards Val Squaranto and continue up to a junction that brings you back to Cerro. Alternatively, continue towards Miniere – Lavello, taking you to the other side of the Vajo di Foldruna, then go left along the Sentiero delle Miniere (Mine Trail), which gets its name from the local lignite mines. Continue on until the path starts to climb and you come to the sign for Lavello. Go through the hamlet and continue to Contrada Tenda and then Contrada Maso. After passing through the latter, cross over to the other slope to continue on the trail. Next, follow the signs for Premagri – Praole. Once you reach these places, continue towards the hamlet of Due Cerri. The route then joins the road that climbs from Lugo. Follow it for a short uphill stretch until you come to the signs for Corrubio and Cerro. Continue on the left along the Vajo Cavazze, then go uphill towards the hamlet of Corrubio. At this point, turn right. Keep following the signs to reach the Còale del Mondo cave, then continue towards the hamlets of Busa and Montarina ('little mountain'). Along a stretch of paved road, you will find a capital dedicated to the Virgin Mary; next, follow the signs for Torcolo and then Carcereri, which will bring you back to the town.

Walk time: approx. 5 and a half hours

Length: 17 km

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