Forest Museum

Roverè Veronese
Contrada Vajo, IT 37028 Roverè Veronese (VR)
A magical and tranquil place where you can enjoy a collection of paintings dedicated to the women of's the Forest Museum!

A beautiful sunny day is the perfect time to enjoy Lessinia's first Forest Museum. A gallery of paintings dedicated to the women of the mountains, painted by the artist Gianni Franceschini, takes visitors on a multisensory journey through the woods, where the colours and emotions of art meet the sounds and scents of nature. The museum is located on a trail in the Roverè Veronese Public Park and is open at all times.

How to get there: from Roverè Veronese, follow the signs for the village of San Francesco. Around a kilometre from the centre of the town of Roverè, turn into Località Vajo.

For information, contact the Municipality of Roverè Veronese on +39 045 6518005.

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