Forts and Castles

The northernmost territory of the Veronese province was a borderland during the First World War, and even in Lessinia the militarisation of the territory brought about many transformations.

These mountains are still scattered with trenches, tunnels, mule tracks and forts that are part of a defensive system that extends for more than 30 km.

Many of these structures have recently been cleaned, renovated and open to the public such as the magnificent fortresses Forte Santa Viola above Azzago and Forte Tesoro to the east of Sant'Anna d'Alfaedo, Trenches of Malga Pidocchio and Trincee del Valòn.

There are also numerous castles, especially in the area further south-east, such as the castle of Tregnago or the castle of Illasi.

Forts and Castles